Why Cameron Diaz Left Acting Behind for a Better Life


At the peak of her acting career, Cameron Diaz was essentially Hollywood's 'it' girl. She was the golden girl everyone wanted in their movie and who fans loved to see. It wasn't hard to see why Cameron was so popular. Tall, blonde, and absolutely stunning with a knack for comedy, she was everything Hollywood could've wanted in a leading lady for basically any film.

With a string of successful movies like her break-out film The Mask and the ones that followed like Charlie's Angels, Shrek, and My Best Friend's Wedding, she seemed to be on a roll. Diaz seemed to be in everything and, according to Fobes, she was the sixth-highest-earning actress the year she disappeared from the spotlight. Diaz very quickly went from "It's me!" to "Wait, where'd she go?" 

And that's what we want to know--where exactly did she go? What's she doing? Most importantly, what's she going to do next? Will she ever return to Hollywood?