Entitled Amusement Park Karen Furious at Family

Have you ever run into a Karen? They're rough to deal with, but they're even harder when you have your mind elsewhere. 

Most of us don't have to deal with this kind of behavior (thankfully), but those that do can't help but remember it. 

It's not great to deal with these people. They think the world owes them something. While we want to believe all these Karens get what they deserve, they usually get what they want just to avoid further conflict. 

Then there are those that get exactly what they deserve, and it is glorious.

When we came across this story, we honestly couldn't believe how insane she acted. This family just wanted to spend a fun day at a Texas amusement park, but they got more than what was bargained for. 

The only good news with this story is that the Karen (which the guy calls Tabitha) gets a little comeuppance. Honestly, that's the most any of us could ask for. We're going to argue that she didn't get all that was deserved. 

You can be the judge and decide whether she got what she deserved, or if there should have been more things she was charged with...