10 Name Brands You Should Buy at the Grocery Store (and 5 Times Generic is Better)

By Staff Writer

Many households buy a specific brand of product for one reason — it’s name brand. When something carries a name brand, it usually elicits a feeling of trust in that product. You can justify the price because you know the quality of the brand. You don’t have to think twice about whether you should try something new from a name brand because your satisfaction is pretty consistent. 

This isn’t the case with every household though — many choose to buy store brands for a variety of reasons. They can save money, they don’t want to support a name brand, or maybe the off-brand is actually a better product. I can think of a handful of snacks off the top of my head that I prefer the flavor of the off-brand to the name brand — and I’m far from the only one with that opinion.

Both ideologies have convincing reasons. Sometimes the name brand is better, sometimes generic is better. From foods, to cleaning products, to over-the-counter medications, we usually do our own forms of research and settle on which brand we will be getting from that point on. For this article, we’ve constructed a list of 10 name brands you should buy at the grocery store — and five times generic is better!