Fastest Shrinking City in Every State

By Staff Writer

Every decade, we use a census to determine where people are going in the States. Lately, we’ve been noticing a trend of people moving to major cities and suburbs in an attempt to find more jobs. This means that many smaller cities and towns are losing residents at an alarming rate.

States that usually experience population growth are also shrinking in size. States like Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and Florida are exploding in population to the point where there are few (if any) cities that had a net loss! That being said, most states can’t boast this amazing accomplishment.

We found the top metropolitan areas in every state where people are leaving – fleeing, in some cases. These places are hemorrhaging residents so quickly that some may even lose their city status! If you live in these cities, it may be time to make a swift exit.

For the sake of this list, we’re listing the most densely populated areas in every state with populations that are shrinking or showing only marginal growth. Stats were pulled from the U.S. Census Bureau.