Halloween Costumes We're Sick of Seeing

Halloween is one of the best times of the year for several reasons. 

It’s a time when you can hang up all the spooky and cool decorations, enjoy delicious treats with zero guilt, and watch horror films to your heart’s content (or just spooky films if you aren't one for Nightmare on Elm Street). And on top of this, it offers two things that adults love just as much as kids, although they may not want to admit it: candy, and of course, costumes.

Dressing up as a kid is always fun, and adults love it every bit as much. Halloween is a time when you can really get creative. You can be a spooky ghoul, a funny character, a real-life role model, or dress up as your favorite movie or television character. While buying is always an option, people can really get creative by designing their own costumes. But there’s one problem:

There are really not enough creative types out there and so you end up seeing the same costumes year after year - with maybe some slight variations. The following Halloween costumes are ones we are personally sick of seeing -  and we're sure you are too. Let’s take a look!