Here’s What the Average Home Costs by State

Looking to get a house? Some states cost much more than others!

We all know that getting a home is a costly endeavor, and the worst part is that homes are getting even more expensive every year. Well, some real estate markets are rising at a much faster rate. Places like New York we all know will cost you a pretty penny, but what about Wyoming? Or even Arkansas? These states are surely cheap, right? Boy, do we have news for you!

We compiled a list of how much the average house costs, using Zillow’s median house cost. The reason we’re going with the “median” cost is because real estate is tricky. In a state, there may be several houses in the millions range, which can seriously mess with “averages.” Those million-dollar mansions and cheap fixer-uppers don’t even each other out, making the “average” skewed. The best way to look at the cost of homes in your state is to go by the median.

We also went with the “average” home, which is about 1,500 square feet, either three or four bedrooms. Larger homes will naturally be more expensive.

All facts and figures pulled from Zillow.