Hidden Safe vs. Safe Box: Which is Better?


Keeping your valuables secure can be easy with a safe, but is it worth it to purchase a hidden safe or should you just get a classic safe box? Both have similarities, but here are the biggest differences between these two types of lockboxes.

A hidden safe can be quite expensive depending on the size and features. Many wall and floor safes can cost hundreds of dollars, not including installation. However, there are much smaller safes you can purchase that hide in clocks, outlets, or things you’d find around the average American household, such as a soda or paint can. However, these safes are tiny and can still be $40 or more.

A classic safe box is usually cheaper than a hidden safe, and the purchase is the only fee charged. By spending around $115 (or often less), you can get 1.2 cubic feet of space. Keep in mind that these types of safes vary greatly in price based on size and features. A smaller box will cost less, but it’s important to consider the weight and durability. If someone can pick up and move the safe or burn it to pieces, you may take into account getting a smaller hidden safe that is invisible from view.

A classic safe box doesn’t require any extra installation. These types of safes can be placed in a closet or under a bed, but most hidden safes need installation (which can become difficult and expensive depending on the weight of the safe. Large safes that are heavy can only be placed in certain areas where the integrity of the home can hold the steel. Of course, this means you must have the ability to construct on your home. If you rent your home, you may not be able to install a hidden safe.

Security is the number one reason people purchase a safe, and it’s one of the biggest differences between a hidden safe and a classic safe box. A secret safe is naturally much more secure than a safe box because it can be harder to find. Many are designed to look like everyday items, which a criminal may not spot. Some are fireproof and moisture-proof, as well. The downside is that you cannot take these safes with you if you move.

A classic safe box can be stored in a secret location, but not as well as a hidden safe. It can be easier to find these safes and possible for thieves to steal if it’s small enough. The plus side is that you can move this safe from one location to another without any issue.