30 Things No One Over 30 Should Own

By Staff Writer

Your thirties can be an exciting time in life. You're still young enough that you can go out and live life without throwing out your back, but you're old enough to be taken seriously. However, if you haven't updated your home decor and furnishings since your twenties, you might have a few problems with that last part! 

There are some home items around that just scream "immature", and you want to avoid them at all costs by the time you hit the big 3-0. You can still be youthful in your thirties, but being childish is a completely different story!

Today, we're taking a look at 30 things that you should definitely ditch by the time you hit 30. You don't have to go full grandma chic once your twenties are over, but this is the perfect time in your life to revamp your style into something a bit more refined and mature. And that new style begins with tossing all the things that aren't doing you any favors anymore...

Find out which home furnishings are holding your home back!