Prices That Show How Hard Inflation Hit America


Inflation is getting out of control. It’s hitting Americans harder than ever before. And when we thought the cost of gasoline was high before, it’s almost doubled now—and we're all facing a rude awakening. As prices goes up for the essentials, Americans are having to prioritize the things they need and want.

And when you consider that there are many people barely making enough to get by, inflation is making things harder on everyone. Imagine for a second that you're spending an entire day’s paycheck on a full tank of gas–that’s a reality for many people. Whereas before, you might have habitually filled your gas tank, today you might be leaning more toward a more strict weekly allowance.

How much did a burger cost 20 years ago compared to now? What was the price of a cup of coffee 10 years ago? You might not think about it much as prices go up gradually from day to day, but when you look back–it’s quite the revelation. Here, you’ll find some of the most basic things Americans spend money on, with prices that show just how hard the country has been hit by inflation. Let’s take a look!