The Most Useless Things in Every Kitchen

Take a trip to any store that sells kitchen items these days (or visit one online), and you'll notice that there is a gadget for almost everything you can imagine. At first glance, they look cool. You never realized there was a gadget that did that one single kitchen task that you don't necessarily enjoy for you, or maybe it makes it a little easier. At least, that's what you think. 

But once you start buying a gadget for every single kitchen task, you start spending a lot of money. Over time, those gadgets start taking up more space. Even if you have a nice roomy kitchen, it can become cluttered when every inch of counter space is topped with the latest appliance, and every drawer, cabinet, and pantry shelf is filled with all the items you've purchased.

Furthermore, how many of those gadgets do you actually use? That one cool thing was fun to use the first time, but then it was a pain to put together and take apart, and then it became one more dish you had to clean. At some point, you forget all about it. Right?  

While usefulness is a subjective term for most things, we've put together a list of the items that are often considered the most useless things in every kitchen.