Cities With the Most Stolen Cars in America

For every car owner, one of the biggest concerns is car theft. In a world where cars are essential in our daily lives, becoming a victim of car theft is almost unthinkable. While more and more vehicles are coming out with sophisticated security systems, but none of that has really helped the rising number of car thefts each year.

And it’s not just older models that are getting stolen. While older models of Ford and Chevy pickups are often among most stolen motor vehicles, as well as the popular the Honda Civic, you may be surprised to find that newer Toyota Corolla and Jeep Cherokee models have also made it into the mix. In reality, anyone can be a vehicle of auto theft, depending on just how savvy the criminal is.

According to The National Insurance Crime Bureau, 1,001,967 vehicles were stolen in 2022 - a number that has risen over 25% since 2019. Of course, some places are worse than others.

 That being said, you may be wondering: which places are the worst when it comes to motor vehicle theft? Combining data 2021 and 2022 data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, we’ve come up with a list of Cities with the Most Stolen Cars in America. These cities have been shown to be among the worst victims of car theft. No matter where in America you are, you’ll want to check out this list. And don’t forget to lock your car!