Most-Googled Health Problems in Each State

Does your state search for the flu or are citizens more interested in cannabis? These are the terms most searched in your state!

Unfortunately, one of the first things we tend to do when we develop a sniffle or a cough is head straight to Google. Once there, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole of links and articles that could cause you to think that you have anything from a cold to cancer. While it is oh-so-tempting to self-diagnose, you should always see a doctor when you feel ill or think there might be a problem with your health. The internet is not a substitute for proper medical care. Even though Google might not be able to tell us what it is exactly that’s ailing us, it can tell us what people are thinking in general about health and medicine.

Using Google trends, we can see what people all over the country are most concerned about. We can also see what illness seems to be affecting which part of the nation the most. Cannabis and cannabidiol saw a noticeable increase nationally this year compared to last, and ranking number one in quite a few. Going state by state, we can see that other concerns vary wildly from the flu to female Viagra. Think you might know what your state is Googling the most? You may be surprised! These are some of the most Googled terms we saw and the states that were the most interested.