Popular Things From the '90s That Wouldn't Fly Today

There are lots of reasons to be nostalgic for the '90s. Where do we even start?

From the best cartoons to seemingly odd fashion decisions that are becoming trendy again among Gen Z, what's not to like? While it's undeniable that the people who made the 1990s as memorable as they were had plenty to be proud of, certain things are better left in that decade. 

You can't look us in the eye and admit that "the Macarena" was cool.  Just because people still bust out those moves on the dance floor when they have no idea what they're doing doesn't mean that we shouldn't be ashamed. It's fun, sure. But it's definitely not the kind of movin' and groovin' that goes down today. 

Today, we're exploring some '90s gems that aren't "diamonds in the rough" as much as they are "the rough" hiding in the crevices. Given the pics floating around of NSYNC's hairstyles and stick-thin models in bootcut jeans, these things are '90s through and through, which means they don't exactly fit into the modern climate. All this to say, here are five iconic '90s staples that would never fly today without a fight.