Separating Fact from Fiction on The Blind Side

By Staff Writer

We all know that movies take quite a bit of liberties with true facts, but did you know that The Blind Side was actually quite a bit more fiction than we all believed? The story was certainly inspirational, and the real one is no less profound, but that doesn’t mean it was all 100% true. In fact, the real Michael Oher has come out to say some…choice words about the movie.

Because of those choice words, he’s butted heads with some of the people that were involved with the film, but Oher isn’t here to keep quiet. He’s here to set the record straight no matter who gets upset with his words. We’re sure the Tuohys stand behind him, too, considering their lives have also been impacted by some of these truth-stretching moments (both little and small).

We honestly can’t believe some of the things they made up just for the sake of a movie, but that’s probably why Oher had to write not one but two books on the matter. Sheesh! Someone is upset, and maybe for a good reason.

We decided that it’s finally time to separate fact from fiction in the famous Oscar-winning movie The Blind Side.