Teachers Share Their Experiences With Difficult Parents

There’s a reason that people are celebrated for pursuing a career as a teacher; it’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and crafts! 

Teachers are basically mentors, educators, babysitters, and parents all rolled into one low-paid package. Sounds depressing on the surface, but many educators will admit that the opportunity to teach, mold, and watch their students grow makes it all worth it.

Unfortunately, the work of teachers also goes widely unappreciated because it’s the kids who spend time with them all day, not parents. Because of this gap, the patience of even the most resilient teacher is put to the test by entitled parents. It’s as if these people forget that teachers are the one’s taking care of their kids all day! Shouldn’t they know that childcare is a full-time job in itself?

Over the past few years, teachers have admitted they’ve had enough! By revealing the worst-of-the-worst interactions they’ve suffered through at the hands of parents, it proves they’re not paid nearly enough... Here are 30 examples of how not to talk to your child’s teacher; otherwise, you’ll be put on an exclusive blacklist as a parent all teachers wish they could avoid. If you're interested in any more ridiculous school stories, check out the article after this one!