The Highest-Paid UFC Fighters of All Time, Ranked

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, also known as UFC, is an American fighting competition based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The organization was started in 1993 and has been a phenomenon of its own ever since. In every sports bar across the country, TVs are tuned in to watch their favorite fighters stand head-to-head to be the baddest fighter in the country. 

The pay scale for UFC fighters can be a little confusing for those of us not in the MMA world, so we’ll break it down. Every fighter starts out with a base salary for making weight and fighting. After that, each fighter is considered an independent contractor that negotiates their pay rates with the UFC. The only way to get higher pay is to win more fights and get more popular. 

Besides a fighter’s base pay, there’s also a win bonus fo each fight. If you’re popular enough, brands can also endorse fighters for publicity. Scoring a brand endorsement can earn these fighters a hefty paycheck, but the problem is that these brands only want the most popular fighters repping their stuff. So, if you fall from the top, you’ll likely not be considered for the endorsement again. 

We took a look at all of the highest-paid fighters in UFC and ranked them based on their earnings. Here’s what we found.