The Most Controversial Laws in Each State

Laws, in theory, are put in place to protect citizens. But the laws on this list are a bit outdated.

Laws are there to keep us safe and prevent bad things from happening. Of course, this doesn’t always work out because laws can be badly written, badly interpreted, or ignored altogether. Even if the federal government makes a law, the state’s governments are allowed to make their own. It can seem like an endless fight between different lawmakers, a fight that doesn’t always end in everyone’s best interests.

There will always be laws that not everyone agrees with. Some laws just don't keep up with the times and need to be changed. We’ve created a list of every state and their most controversial law. Some laws are serious issues that deserve attention and others just seem silly to get mad over—like the residents of one state who got mad over a new holiday. Does your state’s controversial law make you mad?