The Richest Olympians of All Time, Ranked by Net Worth

Every four years, the world watches in awe as the top athletes from all over the globe face off in a championship of the nations.

Some will win, and some will lose, but all of them deserve recognition for their years of hard work and dedication. To compete in the Olympic games, an athlete must be in peak physical condition, as well as comply with the rules and regulations necessary to compete. 

To do this, these Olympians get paid considerable amounts to put their bodies to the test and hopefully bring home the gold for their home countries. With aspiring hopes and expectations, they stand head-to-head through pain, sweat, and tears to find out who are the top athletes in the entire world. 

For the Olympians on this list, their hard work definitely paid off. These are the richest Olympic athletes of all time, ranked by their net worths. While normal Olympians do make a hefty amount to compete, these legends took it a step further to sign sponsorship deals and take advantage of their notoriety while they were competing. If you’re interested in getting a glimpse into the stories of these Olympic athletes, check out the next article we picked just for you!