The Richest Person in Every State

We knew some of these people would be on the list, but others? We never saw them coming!

Who is the richest person in California? I bet that’s an easy question to answer. What about the wealthiest person in Washington? Maybe another easy one. Okay, I’ve got a hard one. Who is the richest person in Alaska? Don’t worry if the answer is shrouded in mystery.

Every year, Forbes releases a list of the wealthiest person in every state. These business owners have earned millions and even billions by pointing their company in the right direction. With a little elbow grease and determination, they made it to the top of this list—something that’s certainly an achievement.

Wondering who the top person in your state is? Look no further! We’ll go by each state and explain who the richest person is, as well as how they made their major moolah.