These States Have the Most Miss America Winners

The Miss America organization was established in 1921, and since then, 93 women have been crowned "Miss America." Surprisingly though, there hasn't been a "Miss America" from each state. Keep reading to find out which states have the most and which states have the least "Miss America" representatives! 

In 1921, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Miss America pageant was born—and it immediately became an international symbol for women. Almost one century later, and the Miss America organization is still as prominent as it was in 1921—if not moreso. When it first began in the 1920s, women were embracing a new role in society. They were breaking away from gender stereotypes by becoming social and political figures. Miss America pageants allowed women to make a significant difference in the lives of Americans. They were able to become involved with charitable and community service endeavors, and use their platform to voice relevant issues. It was much more than just vying for a crown.

As the Miss America organization evolved, the talent competition was added and the scholarship program was created—which was undeniably one of the greatest innovations of the 1940s. Women were able to compete for scholarship money so they could further their education. Although Miss America began as a beauty pageant, it’s progressed into so much more than that. Contestants are invested in education, opportunity, and social causes. And in 2019, the organization was reinvented into Miss America 2.0. Contestants are no longer judged on outward appearance, but only on “social impact, talent, and empowerment.” As of today, 93 lovely women have held the title of “Miss America,” but not every state has produced a winner. Here are the states with the most Miss America winners. The findings might surprise you!