Vintage Diseases Making a Comeback

Thanks to modern science, a lot of diseases that done a lot of damage in the past. We all remember seeing those images of the kids sitting in the iron lungs. 

They were enough to keep us awake at night. Well, now that we’ve all lived through a pandemic, we can see how harrowing it must have been for the people of the past.

It's easy to imagine the fear parents had when it came to their kids getting something like Polio, Scarlet Fever, or Rubella. It was once so common, that some parents didn’t even have time to bury their kids! That’s another thought that’s frightening. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine.

Thanks to modern science, however, we’ve been able to nearly eradicate these illnesses. It became normal for children to become vaccinated for these diseases and more to prevent another outbreak. Unfortunately, things didn’t remain that way.

It’s almost like people forget that these diseases ever happened, right? Some were around less than 100 years ago! Thanks for a variety of reasons, they’re back again. Whoever thought that these vintage diseases and viruses would be making a comeback like they are today.

Let’s just hope for our sake they don’t become a major outbreak or pandemic. We’ve all had enough of that.