Vintage Photos of Celebrities at the Beach

Celebrities and the beach go hand in hand. It's the perfect occasion to soak up the sun, show some skin, and get a little attention from the press. 

While stars these days might try to isolate themselves from the public as much as possible, the celebs of yesteryear weren't afraid to mingle at the beach with the common folks. Of course, they were surrounded by their celebrity pals and famous friends by association, but that's more than what the public usually gets to see IRL. If it's not a paparazzi shot, celebrities usually aren't caught on public beaches without a giant entourage. 

Today, we're taking a look at some of the most memorable vintage beach photos of celebrities and superstars. From Marilyn Monroe to Presidents of years gone by, we've got pics of them soaking up the sun during the glory days. Whether they were filming on location or just looking to get away from it all, these icons never failed to cause a stir when they hit the waves! Bit of a warning: these pictures are 99% likely to make you green with envy. If you're itching to vacation like Audrey Hepburn, check out the recommended articles!